Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME) – MCC Business Session presentation

The annual Canadian Conference on Medical Education was convened in Halifax (April 28 to May 1). MCC’s business session was held on April 30 to a packed room of attendees, including Undergraduate Medical Education Deans, program directors and faculty members, medical students and residents, as well as educational administrators.

MCC’s business session was held on April 30 to a packed room, with some attendees standing. Dr. Ian Bowmer, Chair of the session and MCC’s Executive Director, outlined some of the points attendees need to know.

Be prepared

For learners challenging the new MCCQE Part I or Part II (coming later this year), the watchword is preparation. The business session was a chance to guide learners and faculty to the website and to other resources where they can:

Coming in 2019, candidates will be able to try a full MCCQE Part I Preparatory Examination with the answer key.

You can view the MCC’s business session presentation by clicking here.