Frequently asked questions


What is changing for Canadian medical students and graduates?
  1. Changes to both MCCQE Part I and Part II to align with the new Blueprint.
  2. More opportunities to take and retake the MCCQE Part I – four to five times per year versus the current two times per year.
  3. New preparatory materials.
Why are these changes necessary?
Beginning in 2011, the MCC has exhaustively examined its assessment process, collaborating with all medical regulatory authorities, faculties, certification colleges, and other stakeholders. This process identified areas for improvement, including:

  1. Examination content that is better aligned with current health-care needs and medical school curricula.
  2. The need for more opportunities to take and retake the MCCQE Part I.
  3. Additional preparatory material for the MCCQE Part I and Part II.
The new MCC assessment Blueprint and the Assessment Evolution initiative address all three concerns.
How will the changes benefit me?
  1. The MCCQE Part I will be offered more frequently than at present. Candidates who challenge and fail the examination will have more opportunities to retake it.
  2. Canadian medical students will be able to retake the exam if they fail while still in the graduating year of their medical school.
  3. The exams will continue to reflect evolving Canadian medical practice and medical school curricula.

When will the changes take place?
This graphic details the timeline for MCC examination evolution.

Watch and listen to the MCC’s Dr. Claire Touchie as she describes the specific changes that will affect Canadian medical students and graduates.