Frequently asked questions


Why is the MCC process for conducting exams changing?
After thorough consultation with Canadian health-care stakeholders, the MCC is evolving its examination process. We are doing this to meet the needs of Canadians who face changing demographics, new areas of need, and new approaches to health care.

Is there a plan or a strategy for the content changes to the Qualifying Examinations?
Yes, it is called the Blueprint. Think of it as the basic plan that we are building the future of MCC testing on. Testing requirements will be defined by Physician Activities and Dimensions of Care.

Testing requirements chart

For details, view these videos, and the MCC’s Blueprint website.

How will the MCC exams be changed?
The following aspects of MCC examinations and assessment will be affected:

General changes:

  1. Changes to exam structure, including exam sequencing, requirements, and content
  2. Rating changes and new standards
  3. Changes to how exams can be challenged and to the eligibility requirements
  4. Increased complexity in some of the competencies to be assessed

Changes specific to the MCCQE Part I:

  1. Increased frequency
  2. New vendor delivery model
  3. Improved, international access as of 2019

Watch and listen to the MCC’s Dr. Claire Touchie as she provides specific details about how exam content will be changing.

Has the new Qualifying Examination content been tested?
The MCC will continue to apply its existing standards, guidelines, and expertise to the development of new examination content. Furthermore, new examination content will be tested before it is launched in 2018. Content is assessed in the following ways:

  • New items are piloted within the MCCQE Part I but are not identified as such. Any items that do not perform well are excluded from the scoring – this is true for all questions regardless of whether they are new.
  • New clinical stations are included in the MCCQE Part II but are not identified to the candidate as pilot or test stations. The results on these stations do not count towards the candidate’s score.
When will the new content for the Qualifying Examination take effect?
In spring 2018, the new MCCQE Part I will be launched based on the new Blueprint and content weightings defined by approved test specifications. This will be followed in fall 2018 by the new MCCQE Part II. This graphic details the timeline for MCC examination evolution.

How will candidates prepare for the new examinations?
The MCC will use the following approaches to help candidates prepare, including:

  • New content and communication assets (like this website)
  • Enhanced candidate and examiner orientations and orientation material
  • Enhanced website information and resources
  • Multiple-choice questions test and clinical decision making test will be posted online
  • New orientation self-study program (available at, including cases on topics related to cultural and communication competency
  • Updates to the Objectives for the Qualifying Examination, which will continue to align with the new Blueprint